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Required Safety Signs for Mining Sites

Mining is a dangerous industry that requires quite a bit of safety measures to even be allowed for operations to proceed. Among the most important would be the safety mining site signs that, by and large, should be visible wherever you stand in the immediate vicinity. Traffic signs depicting mining activities would also come into play and should be treated with all due importance.

In any case, mining site safety signs do several things for any competent mining operation that companies need to keep in mind.

A lot of them have to do with the law and regulations, but just as many are meant to make procedures, standards and practices, and guidance much smoother. More to the point, there are a ton of different signs that fall under different categories to watch out for. 

Danger Signs

Whenever you step into a mining site, there will be lots of danger signs posted all over the place. These can range from the general signage that only has the word danger and the corresponding colour and symbol scheme of red, black, and white. 

Then there are the danger signs that are more specific and hold more details. These would vary depending on where they are placed and what kinds of hazards are involved. 

The level of detail that accompanies the sign would depend entirely on the company, as well. After all, some points simply can’t be conveyed with restrictive symbolism. This is especially true when you have people coming around the site that might not necessarily be that familiar with how the industry works.

Danger safety signs for mining companies are necessary to really emphasize how hazardous mining sites can be. Falling rocks, powerful equipment, high-voltage generators, and so on are just some of the risks involved with mining operations. 

However, they can also be an encouraging sight since they serve to point out that the mining company is taking these hazards and the safety of everyone seriously. 

Direction Signs

When navigating mining sites, people need to be careful and should know exactly where to go and not to go. This means having the right signages that provide directions for both foot and vehicular traffic. 

For people, it’s all about keeping them away from areas where they could get squashed by falling rocks, hurt by explosives, fall and break something, or wander into a high-voltage area. For vehicles, it’s about where they can be parked safely or where they can deliver their payload for ease of transfer.

Mining site signs that provide directions ensure that the flow of operations go without interruptions as much as possible. That’s why they need to be detailed, many in numbers, and highly visible. 

Warning Signs

General warning signs are quite typical in mining sites for the simple reason that there can be a lot of restrictions about what is and is not allowed. There are areas where hard hats are a must, along with other safety equipment. Then there are areas where electronic devices are to either be turned off or left behind. 

These warning safety signs for mining companies can sometimes be made specifically for the company ordering them due to specialized equipment and protocols in place. After all, not all mining companies use the same methods and equipment during their operations.

There is also the question of the actual materials that are being mined, in the first place. Some metals and minerals require careful handling, which then needs the right warning signs just to tell everyone what to expect.

When going into a high-stress, high-risk environment like a mining site, everyone always needs to be on the lookout for possible trouble. The company can take all of the necessary precautions and then some, but warnings will always be necessary.

Regulatory Signs

It’s not just inside the mining site where safety signs are placed either since things like traffic signs will also be playing their part. After all, mining operations can be a sprawling behemoth that involves a lot of moving parts. 

Signs that say Stop, Give Way and dictating the speed limit will all help in keeping the entire thing safe. After all, there will be all kinds of transportation that go in and out of mining sites all the time. 

These safety signs for mining companies are posted along roads, highways, side roads, and so on. There are also signs that basically make it as clear as possible that there is a mining site in the area to watch out for. 

Custom Signs

Last but not least, some mining sites can have more specialized needs when it comes to safety signs. These needs can range from warnings and directions regarding special equipment that they are using to more details about areas that no one is allowed to access without authorization.

These custom mining site safety signs can be ordered as needed with all of the details that you could possibly want. The quality can also be high with the right provided of the signs. More importantly, the signs will be easy to understand and see wherever they are posted. 


To sum up, safety mining site signs are needed not only for the safety of everyone involved but also to ensure the smooth operation of the site. Fewer incidents mean fewer interruptions and delays, not to mention the costs of damages and so on. 

These safety signs are meant to warn of danger, provide instructions, give directions, and stop accidents due to lack of information. Having them simply allows mining companies to cover their bases.

For all your mining site’s safety sign needs, contact us at CA Concepts & Signs, the top custom safety sign creation service provider in Perth and Western Australia.

Updating Your School’s Safety Signs for 2022

School signs exist for a variety of reasons, some of them being due to legislative mandates but others because it’s just common sense. It’s important to remember that safety is an ever-evolving field where new protocols against current dangers or updated standards are needed to fit the times.

This is even more important for institutions like schools where our next generation of society spends a considerable amount of time. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your school sign placements are up-to-date to meet the needs in 2022 and beyond.

Thanks to Covid-19 and the effects it’s had on the global population, changes needed to be made. Adapting these changes is intended to make sure that the students, staff, and visitors are kept safe.

Generally speaking, there aren’t too many changes in the kinds of school zone signs that need to be put up. There is still the signage that provide directions, indicate locations, offer information about the school, or give warnings where necessary.

With that said, signs do tend to degrade, especially when they are purchased in large quantities but at low qualities. At CA Concepts & Signs, we make it a point to ensure that our school safety signs will last a very long time. After all, school budgets can be quite constrained, so any purchase needs to provide maximum benefits for what they cost.

On that note, it’s worth looking into the reasons why it’s important for schools to update their safety signs or why it might be prudent to do so. To that end, you can refer to the following.

Faded Signs

As already mentioned, safety signs in and out of the school are not meant to last forever. The lower the quality and the harsher the environment, the faster the signs degrade. If you have school signs that can barely be read even from up close, there’s no point in keeping them.

You have to replace them for the safety of the students of the school. Thanks to the events that occurred in 2019 that still lingered until this year, there has been an interruption in how schools and education operate.

Faded signs can lead to unclear instructions, which new students who are less familiar with how schools work might have trouble with. New, visible, and understandable signs will simply keep the danger away.

New Dangers

If the recent pandemic was any indication, it’s that there are new threats that come up all the time. In rare but still very real cases, these threats are enough to cause global changes in how regulations are implemented. Among schools, school zone signs that are specifically about the pandemic have pretty much become standard features.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic still an ongoing health hazard, keeping your school a safe and healthy haven for students is paramount

This is not the first time that this has happened and it will likely not be the last. Adapting to them will ensure that children will be kept safe and happy. 

New Standards and Regulations

There have been numerous updates to safety regulations governing schools and other institutions over the decades. Many of these have to do with school signs and the standards that they are supposed to follow.

Sticking to these regulations is important, not only to keep students safe but to also avoid legal problems. The details regarding any updated standards and protocols are made available to schools, as well, so there’s really no excuse not to follow them.

Damaged Signs

Unfortunately, vandalism is a very real thing and school signs can be among the most common targets for the destruction of property. A damaged school sign needs to be replaced as soon as possible, regardless of what state they are in. 

Any obstruction to the clarity of the message that they are supposed to convey can pose a danger to the students. Accidents happen when critical information isn’t delivered, especially where children are concerned. 

Keeping Things Fresh

For those who have never heard of it, the phrase “Sign Fatigue” refers to the eventual degradation of a sign’s effectiveness when people are exposed to it for a long time. At some point, the sign doesn’t even register anymore, which can have dangerous consequences.

Kids are being allowed back to school so welcome them with fresh new messages

By its very nature, a sign is supposed to be noticed. That’s why it’s worth updating safety signs in and out of the school so that they look newer and would catch the attention of students and visitors more easily.

Upgrading Temporary Signs

To say that a sign should be permanent would be misleading. It has already been pointed out that they eventually fade or get damaged. However, some signs are longer lasting than others and those are the ones that are worth keeping.

Temporary school zone signs do have their place. Whether it’s because of short notice or because the relevant events themselves are only temporary, such signages aren’t all that rare. However, if the reason for the temporary nature of the signs evolves to necessitate permanence, the signs should be changed accordingly.

Bonus Branding Avenue

Last but not least, school signs can be customised to meet the needs of the school. One such possible need is to label the school safety signs as belonging to the school, which can act as another marker for students and visitors to consider. 

Branding also makes it as clear as possible that the sign belongs to the school. Any damage done to the sign would result in serious repercussions. 

For all your school’s safety sign needs, contact us at CA Concepts & Signs, the top custom safety sign creation service provider in Perth and Western Australia.

Why Your Workplace will Benefit from Having Safety Signs

Safety signs in the workplace are required by law and for good reason. There can be an infinite number of scenarios that would be less risky when signages that provide critical information are used. That’s why you need to have safety signs in your workplace.

On that note, it’s worth pointing out that workplace safety signs can be both standard and supplementary. Some signs are just required to be there while others would be highly advisable.

Knowing the difference will help give you an idea of which you need to get and which you would be highly recommended to order. This is especially important for signs that need to be custom-made to fit very specific situations. 

Meeting Safety Regulations

This has already been brought up, but workplace safety signs and symbols are just part of standard safety protocols set down by the law. You need them there or you could land in legal trouble if it was discovered that you didn’t have them. This covers both basic safety signs like exit signs to more specialised signs like those pertaining to toxic waste or radiation.

Workplace safety signs are important not just for compliance but also for keeping your workers safe

Depending on which industry your business belongs to, the need for safety signs in the workplace can go up from being necessary to being downright non-optional. Regardless of whether something happens in your workplace or not, then safety signs should be a priority. 

Visible Warnings

The whole point of having safety signs in the workplace is so that they will be easy to spot, understand, and respond to when necessary. Sure, you could have your employees read safety protocols in a manual, but what are the chances that they would actually remember that? Workplace safety signs will keep reinforcing this idea, again and again, each time that they are seen.

It’s not just the signs itself, but also where it is being installed that’s paramount to your workers’ safety

Workers and guests won’t need to be reminded of what they would need to do during emergencies if they can see and read the signs. The beauty of workplace health and safety signs is that many of them are common enough that practically everyone already knows what they mean. Emergency exit signs, fire extinguisher signs, alarm signs, visible arrows, and so on simply make sense on a near instinctive level.

The visibility of the signs will also help cover you from legal backlash. If they can be seen, as they are supposed to be, then they can be understood and that’s all that’s required of you.

Efficient Information Delivery

Try to imagine being in a high-stress situation and you need to know what to do but your only option is to actually read a notice with lots of words. Compare that to when you have exit signs that are paired with arrows that lead you directly to safety. Which would make more sense to you?

Yes, you’re technically covering your bases with the notice, but that misses the point entirely. Workplace health and safety signs are simply more efficient at delivering information, which then leads to faster reaction times and higher chances of preventing injuries during emergencies. 

Additional Details For Special Needs

Safety signs can come in many forms and with a wide variety of purposes. Danger signs are well understood and common enough that hardly anyone would question their significance. They might be light on the details, but they won’t easily be ignored. 

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, worker safety is not just limited to workplace hazards

On the other hand, there are very specific circumstances where workplace health and safety signs that are not commonly used would need to be posted or hung over certain areas. Anything that involves toxic waste, corrosive chemicals, dangerous radiation, or restricted areas will all fall under this category. 

There are also signs that need to be specially made, which would make sense only to a select number of people. Whether this is due to selective company policies or more niche markets, the point remains the same. Safety signs that provide unique information can be custom-made. 

Legal Trouble Prevention

Then we get to the issue of legal concerns, which you definitely want to avoid if you are running a business of any size. There are liabilities that come with being an employer and this would cover the entire workplace. As such, it makes more sense for you to cover all of your legal responsibilities with workplace safety signs and symbols.

Yes, safety signs can help advise workers from high risk areas or other dangerous scenarios. However, if an accident occurs, which results in injuries and you had all the required signs placed in the right areas, it is one step to help with minimisation.

Of course, there are other considerations that you might want to keep in mind such as how safe the working environment is, to begin with. However, if we are only talking about safety signs themselves, then it would be far more legally prudent to have them than not. 


So, there you have it. Those are the reasons why safety signs in the workplace are not only a good thing but also required. You have to remember that the moment you have a business that employs people and serves customers, you are responsible for actual lives. Anything that could pose a threat or risk to them while in your area of responsibility can be attributed to your actions or lack thereof.

As such, it makes sense for the success of your business and the safety of your employees to have safety signs where they can be seen and where they can do the most good. This goes for both common safety signs and ones that only apply to your specific industry and workplace. 

For all your workplace safety sign needs, contact us at CA Concepts & Signs, the top custom safety sign creation service provider in Perth and Western Australia.


Safety Signs in Australia: CA Concepts & Signs’ Guide to the 6 types of Workplace Safety Signs

CA Concepts & Signs aims to provide you all the information you need to ensure the safety and well being of your employees in your workplace. Here, you’ll learn about the safety signs you need to meet WHS requirements and keep people safe in your workplace.

The standard Safety Signs in Australia are divided into 6 main categories. This is done in order to provide a consistent design for signs that have similar functions. Armed with the knowledge of what each sign category means and what it does will help you determine which ones you will need in your workplace as well as where they should be placed.

It is worth noting that while these regulations are standards set in place for safety signs made for use by businesses and workplaces in Australia, the option to use custom made safety signs by custom safety sign creation service providers is not prohibited.

Provided of course, that the standards set by the regulation are being met.

The Australian Standard AS1319:1994 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment developed by Standards Australia classifies the first 2 categories of safety signs in Australia as “Regulatory Signs”.

Instructions on what CAN’T be done or MUST be done are clearly displayed on these signages:

Prohibition Signs or Signs that State What Things Can’t Be Done

You will need a standard Prohibition Sign for instances when you need to tell your people that they can’t or are not allowed to, do something. The common feature of these signs is the universally recognisable red circle that has a diagonal line across it. 

Prevent unauthorized entry or use of any facility by putting up prohibition signages in your workplace.

For example, you can prevent people from entering private properties using a NO ENTRY sign telling people that they are not allowed to smoke in a certain area with a NO SMOKING sign.

Mandatory Signs or Signs that State What Things Must Be Done

When you have an instruction that has to be followed, then you need to use a Mandatory Sign. These signs are easily recognizable by the white pictogram or symbol that is situated within a blue circle on a white background. For example: Your workplace requires protective equipment like clothing or gloves, then you’ll need signs that say: Hand Protection Must Be Worn In This Area or Hazard Suit Must Be Worn In This Area. 

Ensure safety at all times by reminding your personnel that protective equipment is a requirement.

Some Mandatory signs can also have just a clearly worded message without images. Usually with the words in black on a white background.

From Prohibition signs, we’ll now move into Hazard Signs. These two types of signs are all about dangers in your workplace that could cause death or hurt your employees severely if they have not been forewarned:

Danger Signs for Factors that Can Cause Death

These are signs that are standardised for workplaces that deem the need to warn people about potential hazards that are life-threatening as well as conditions that are considered extremely dangerous. 

When you need to communicate extremely hazardous situations, a Danger Sign is the best option.

These signs are recognisable from the familiar red oval inside a prominent black rectangle with the word DANGER written in bold, capital letters, and servers to alert your people to the hazard. Some of the most common Danger Signs you will see around the workplace include HIGH VOLTAGE and DO NOT ENTER signs.

Warning Signs for Factors that Can Cause Extreme Bodily Harm or Injury

Warning Sign informs your people that they could still get hurt even if dangerous or critical conditions aren’t exactly life-threatening. 

While they may not necessarily cause death, ample warning is still needed to prevent minor to severe injuries.

These signs are easily identifiable by their yellow background and black triangle around the hazard symbol. A commonly recognisable Warning Sign is SLIPPERY WHEN WET floor signs.

Lastly, we have Informative Signs. And as the name suggests, these signs are placed in your workplace to keep your people informed.

Emergency Information Signs or Simply, Emergency Signs to Ensure Safety First

Emergency Information Signs aim to assist people in finding the location of and even directions to emergency related facilities, emergency exits, first aid sections or safety equipment in the event of an emergency. 

Tell your personnel where they can find the most important equipment in an emergency through these informational signs.

These signs are Easily identified by its standard green background that is typically fronted by white writing and symbols for safety. Common Emergency Sign examples are FIRST AID KIT signs or EMERGENCY PHONE signs.

Fire Signs to Indicate Equipment Designated to Respond to Fire Related Emergencies

Fire Signs are very easy to spot in close proximity to fire alarms and other fire-fighting equipment with their bright red signs giving them away.

Knowing where the right equipment to respond to a fire is often the deciding factor between life and death. Keep your personnel informed through the use of fire safety signs.

Texts and imagery will always be in white in order for it to stand out against its equally bright red background. These Fire Signs are placed strategically to indicate the location of your fire equipment in case of emergency.


The categories aligned by the standards shows the importance of compliance when it comes to safety signages. This means that all workplace safety signs, even custom made safety signs should meet the colour and design principles laid out in the Australian Regulations. 

Complying consistently with the regulations for safety signs in Australia ensures that you can increase awareness with your people in the workplace in order to keep them safe at all times. 

For all your workplace safety sign needs, contact us at CA Concepts & Signs, the top custom safety sign creation service provider in Perth and Western Australia.

Why Choose CA Concepts & Signs For Custom Signs and Stickers

In a world that has largely gone digital, traditional signs are still some of the most effective ways to bring in customers. We believe, the better the sign, the easier it will be to send the right message to your target market. 

This is where CA Concepts & Signs come in. Thanks to the highly skilled, experienced, and talented technicians and designers that we have, we excel at offering high-quality signage services. 

As to why customers would want to engage our expertise, it comes down to competitive prices, quality of service, and the quick turnaround time that we can offer. Read on for additional information with regard to the kinds of signage services that clients can access. 

Business Signs

Business signs can vary quite a bit in terms of function, style, theme, type, size, dimensions, materials, and weight. It’s important to remember these factors when commissioning the sign that you want. Especially when doing so in bulk. 

CA Concepts & Signs has a large selection of pre-made signs for businesses to choose from. They are standardized, regulation-compliant, and are available to be produced in greater quantities as required. 

Among the signages that are often available in the market are:

  • Storefront Signage – These are placed right on the side of the store or above the door, which contains the business’ name, logo, and iconic colours.
  • Pylons or Monuments – These are the signs that are propped up by poles or struts, and are then placed in various, visible locations. 
  • Vehicle Graphics – Cars, vans, buses, boats, and the like are wrapped up in vinyl, which is then printed on for advertising purposes. 
  • Awnings – Having the secondary function of providing shade and shelter, awnings in storefronts also have prints of store names and logos. 
  • Interior Signs – These are signs that are placed inside the stores themselves, which can come in the form of bulletin boards, glass panes, decals, wallpapers, and more.
  • Banners – These are printed signs on materials that are hung on rafters, suspended poles, walls, or freestanding frames. 
  • Stickers – These are advertising materials that are printed over sheets of materials with adhesive backs. 
  • Point of Sale Signs – Smaller, more specific signs that are meant to provide details to inform customers and personnel about products, deals, promos, and more. 

Businesses use these signs all the time in order to bring in customers and advertise their products or services. CA Concepts & Signs stand ready to provide such signs to clients in need of them.

Mining Signs and Construction Signs

Mining and construction share common factors that boil down to the dangers that come with working in, under, or around the sites of their operations. The purpose of mining signs and construction signs is the following:

  • Safety and security
  • Information dissemination
  • Providing directions
  • Directing traffic
  • Designating safe zones
  • Heavy machinery warnings

Through the use of mining signs and construction signs, companies also comply with safety regulations set down by the government. They can act as protection against legal liabilities and prosecution. 

Government Office Signs

Government offices and institutions come with their own specialized systems of operations and rules. With that being the case, government office signs would be required to remind personnel, staff, and guests of these SOPs and rules. 

Then again, government office signs also perform the perfunctory function of warnings, caution, evacuation directions, and more. Depending on what kind of government office it is, there could also be signs indicating restricted sections or special precautions before exit and entry. 

Event Signs

Event signs are special advertising materials that are meant for specific occasions. These can be anything from major celebrations to conventions to large scale promotions. They require more attention with regard to the information that will be printed on them for optimum results. 

There will be huge differences with regard to multiple aspects with event signs, as well. These can include their sizes, colours, graphics, fonts, and more. 

For organizers and businesses that don’t have designated designers to help create event signs, CA Concepts & Signs has a talented team ready to provide such a service. We are up to date on the latest trends in event sign designs, which will ensure that the signages will get the job done. 

Large conventions or multi-location events will require a considerable quantity of signs in order to provide instructions, directions, or spot designations. Such occasions might also require multiple types or even all types of signs in order to reach the largest audience possible. 

Printing Service Considerations

Engaging the services of a professional printing service comes with a lot of considerations. CA Concepts & Signs has the needs and goals of customers in mind when offering our services. Often, this can boil down to:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Efficiency
  • Printing speed
  • Client preference compliance

When customers approach a printing service provider, it can often be a matter of balancing numbers. How many prints, stickers, and signs can be produced in the best quality possible while also lowering the expenses?

Bigger, more elaborate signs will typically cost more due to materials and the time required to make them. When they need to be printed in large quantities, the costs can go even higher. 

Fortunately, CA Concepts & Signs has its own workshop, printing equipment, technicians, and designers. This goes a long way toward reducing costs and increasing efficiency, which allows us to provide the most competitive prices in the market. 


Professional printing services are among the best ways to boost sales for a business or spread awareness for certain special events. CA Concepts & Signs is the leading provider of such a service in Perth due to the quality of the signs we can provide at the best prices. We can also accommodate the needs of clients both for pre-made signages and custom commissions. 

The choice of printing service providers will have a huge impact on how successful the signs will be. CA Concepts & Signs has a proven track record of consumer satisfaction throughout our years of operation.

Contact us today and we’ll take care of your signage design and creation needs.

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