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Safety is a major concern for multiple industries. That’s why signs are necessary for keeping workers, customers, and visitors away from harm. With our safety signs, you can make your workplace less prone to injury and accidents. Anyone in need of specialised orders like custom kitchen safety signs, for example, can get in touch with us.

At CA Concepts & Signs we understand that one of the most important aspects of safety signage is its clarity. They need to be able to send the message in a simple manner that’s easy to understand. If you’re going to have safety signs custom made, then they should be easy to understand.

Signs should also be able to withstand the test of time so that they can serve their purpose for as long as possible. This is why we make our safety signage through our custom safety sign creation services tough and resilient.

It’s also worth noting that there are many other benefits to safety signs and stickers that people might not know about. They can help guide, redirect, or provide critical information during emergencies.

Work Safe

Workplace safety signs in Australia require specific qualities in order to function correctly and comply with regulations and industry standards. Our range of work safety signage is all compliant and provides coverage for all risk and safety situations.

We are capable of providing all the necessary workplace, on-site, and security signs that have such qualities as:

  • Visibility
  • Legibility
  • Durability
  • Design

There are pre-made safety signs that are available in our stock for standard signage needs. Our team of expert designers and technicians would be happy to accommodate your specifications for custom signage jobs such as custom kitchen safety signs, as well.

We guarantee many years of use of the signs made by our signage company, regardless of the surrounding climate and weather conditions. We make them hard-wearing, long-lasting, and extremely resilient to environmental wear.

Our main goal is to ensure that our signs are still easy to read despite being exposed to the hot sun, rainstorms, and harsh winds. Artificial issues like smog, smoke, and pollutants are also taken into consideration when making business signs.

We work hard to make sure that accidents and unexpected injuries will be reduced using our work safety signs. At locations where our signs are hung, plastered, or framed, the safety of personnel, workers, and visitors is more assured. This goes for both pre-made and custom made safety signs.

Machine Stickers

Heavy machinery will always pose a certain level of risk regardless of the precautions taken when building and using it. That’s why machine safety signs and stickers are available at CA Concepts & Signs via our custom safety sign creation services to help promote injury-free operations and interactions.

Our experience and expertise allow us to meet the necessary standards for providing safety signage for heavy, on-site machinery. We do this for both pre-made signs and custom orders with more specific features.

In order to help you keep track of all of your safety labels when manufacturing heavy machinery, we are offering a full numbering and itemization system. This will then allow you to:

  • Organize your inventory.
  • Ensure a much smoother production schedule.
  • Prevent confusion in attaching the signage.
  • Avoid issues that could lead to recalls or legal action. 

Most machines we create labels for are based in the far north of Western Australia. This is one of the most destructive environments in the world for signage, especially safety stickers on a hard-working machine. As such, our mine site labels and construction signs are all heavily laminated for extra toughness. However, we still maintain the same standards with all of our safety signs made in Australia.

Duty of Care

Nothing is more important in heavy industries than safety for workers. We have been supplying mining signs for the industry for over 10 years. We have certified experts in the production and supply of the signage ready to accommodate your needs.

We can ensure that you will get the signs and stickers that you need to keep your operation running safely. This is important because any accident or unfortunate incident that results in injuries would typically cause delays.

Legal issues could also be a major concern since it is mandatory for workplaces to engage our custom safety sign creation services. This is doubly true for areas where heavy machinery and industrial-grade vehicles are frequently used.

Among the reasons why safety signs are most needed in such locations are:

  • Traffic control –  Facilities that employ large vehicles for transportation, construction, excavation, or demolition will require the right signs to regulate traffic. These are signs that will inform personnel, visitors, and other pedestrians where the safe zones are. Crossing, standing, loading or unloading, and many more will require specific points with the right indications. 
  • Prohibition – For areas with volatile substances, hazardous fumes, or the risk of electrocution, basic safety signs are required. These signs are meant to prevent activities that will pose a risk to people. Examples include smoking, not wearing the necessary protective gear, and carelessly handling containers.
  • Security – Trespassing, espionage, sabotage, and burglary are all real concerns for any company or place of business. As such, security signs that provide warnings to both employees and outsiders will be needed. Doing so will also protect companies from legal action if unfortunate incidents should occur involving security personnel.
  • Office directions – Regardless of what kind of activities are done in any company, offices will still require even basic safety signage. This can be something as simple as emergency exit stickers to hot water signs. Offices that contain sharp, volatile, or dangerous items will also need corresponding signage.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are typically six types of basic safety signs. These include Probation Signs, Mandatory Signs, Danger Signs, Warning Signs, Emergency Information Signs, and Fire Signs. They are meant to provide critical information quickly and efficiently.

Safety signs are more than just about complying with regulations. They can also help businesses with their bottom line. Effective safety signs can help prevent accidents and injuries. No injuries mean no delays, no expenses from claims, and no lawsuits. The signages can also act as an additional layer of protection against legal problems stemming from accidents. 

Yes, they are. There are also regulations that govern the standards that these safety signs must meet. These regulations cover everything from the size of the fonts to the colours used. This is why workplaces are always required to post safety stickers and signs in their areas of responsibility.

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