Why Your Workplace will Benefit from Having Safety Signs

Safety signs in the workplace are required by law and for good reason. There can be an infinite number of scenarios that would be less risky when signages that provide critical information are used. That’s why you need to have safety signs in your workplace.

On that note, it’s worth pointing out that workplace safety signs can be both standard and supplementary. Some signs are just required to be there while others would be highly advisable.

Knowing the difference will help give you an idea of which you need to get and which you would be highly recommended to order. This is especially important for signs that need to be custom-made to fit very specific situations. 

Meeting Safety Regulations

This has already been brought up, but workplace safety signs and symbols are just part of standard safety protocols set down by the law. You need them there or you could land in legal trouble if it was discovered that you didn’t have them. This covers both basic safety signs like exit signs to more specialised signs like those pertaining to toxic waste or radiation.

Workplace safety signs are important not just for compliance but also for keeping your workers safe

Depending on which industry your business belongs to, the need for safety signs in the workplace can go up from being necessary to being downright non-optional. Regardless of whether something happens in your workplace or not, then safety signs should be a priority. 

Visible Warnings

The whole point of having safety signs in the workplace is so that they will be easy to spot, understand, and respond to when necessary. Sure, you could have your employees read safety protocols in a manual, but what are the chances that they would actually remember that? Workplace safety signs will keep reinforcing this idea, again and again, each time that they are seen.

It’s not just the signs itself, but also where it is being installed that’s paramount to your workers’ safety

Workers and guests won’t need to be reminded of what they would need to do during emergencies if they can see and read the signs. The beauty of workplace health and safety signs is that many of them are common enough that practically everyone already knows what they mean. Emergency exit signs, fire extinguisher signs, alarm signs, visible arrows, and so on simply make sense on a near instinctive level.

The visibility of the signs will also help cover you from legal backlash. If they can be seen, as they are supposed to be, then they can be understood and that’s all that’s required of you.

Efficient Information Delivery

Try to imagine being in a high-stress situation and you need to know what to do but your only option is to actually read a notice with lots of words. Compare that to when you have exit signs that are paired with arrows that lead you directly to safety. Which would make more sense to you?

Yes, you’re technically covering your bases with the notice, but that misses the point entirely. Workplace health and safety signs are simply more efficient at delivering information, which then leads to faster reaction times and higher chances of preventing injuries during emergencies. 

Additional Details For Special Needs

Safety signs can come in many forms and with a wide variety of purposes. Danger signs are well understood and common enough that hardly anyone would question their significance. They might be light on the details, but they won’t easily be ignored. 

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, worker safety is not just limited to workplace hazards

On the other hand, there are very specific circumstances where workplace health and safety signs that are not commonly used would need to be posted or hung over certain areas. Anything that involves toxic waste, corrosive chemicals, dangerous radiation, or restricted areas will all fall under this category. 

There are also signs that need to be specially made, which would make sense only to a select number of people. Whether this is due to selective company policies or more niche markets, the point remains the same. Safety signs that provide unique information can be custom-made. 

Legal Trouble Prevention

Then we get to the issue of legal concerns, which you definitely want to avoid if you are running a business of any size. There are liabilities that come with being an employer and this would cover the entire workplace. As such, it makes more sense for you to cover all of your legal responsibilities with workplace safety signs and symbols.

Yes, safety signs can help advise workers from high risk areas or other dangerous scenarios. However, if an accident occurs, which results in injuries and you had all the required signs placed in the right areas, it is one step to help with minimisation.

Of course, there are other considerations that you might want to keep in mind such as how safe the working environment is, to begin with. However, if we are only talking about safety signs themselves, then it would be far more legally prudent to have them than not. 


So, there you have it. Those are the reasons why safety signs in the workplace are not only a good thing but also required. You have to remember that the moment you have a business that employs people and serves customers, you are responsible for actual lives. Anything that could pose a threat or risk to them while in your area of responsibility can be attributed to your actions or lack thereof.

As such, it makes sense for the success of your business and the safety of your employees to have safety signs where they can be seen and where they can do the most good. This goes for both common safety signs and ones that only apply to your specific industry and workplace. 

For all your workplace safety sign needs, contact us at CA Concepts & Signs, the top custom safety sign creation service provider in Perth and Western Australia.

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