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Spreading the word about your business is one of the fastest ways to generate more income. Our advertising materials services can help you bring in more paying customers and attract the right crowd. 

We can provide you with shopfront boards, business signs, and the right prints for your company vehicles.

Our team of signage experts are ready and waiting to design the perfect advertising materials for you. We understand the importance of making the signs, boards, and vehicular graphics that would suit your business.

We fabricate our own aluminium frames, have access to powder coating workshops, and our vinyl wrap technicians are fully certified. 

Point of Sale Advertisements

Customers like to feel like they are connected with the businesses that they are buying items from or when paying for services. This is what point of sale (POS) signs and displays are meant to accomplish.

On top of bringing in more foot traffic, POS signs will also help customers become better acquainted with what your business has to offer. This includes sales, markdowns, deals, special offers, new arrivals, and so much more.

These POS signs can also be posted on stacks of fruit, on glass windows, in front of doors, or on outdoor signposts. They also come in smaller, less cumbersome forms but are still visible and easy to read.

In many cases, manufacturers and distributors would be providing POS signs of their own. However, these are specific to their products, which might not apply to your other offers. With that being the case, it helps to have your own that is custom-made for your brand.

You want to do this for a few reasons, namely:

  • Efficient staff and customer communication
  • Providing directions
  • Announcing deals and offers
  • Promoting certain products or services
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Generating leads and strengthening customer retention

Through our ad materials manufacturing services, we can help put your business in a strong position for better income generation. Our POS Signs can also help with building consumer trust/awareness. 

We have a team of expert signage designers for custom projects that will meet your needs exactly to your specifications. Any sign you want at any size you need.

Sign Fabrication and Ad Materials Manufacturing

Custom Aluminium is the parent company of CA Concepts and Signs, which gives us access to industrial fabrication workshops. This allows us to produce specially designed signs with impeccable precision and exquisite craftsmanship.

This extends to frames for signages where we can also apply advanced metal engravings for ad signs.

In addition, we also have the tools and the expertise for powder coating applications. We can cover sign frames with thick, durable, and smooth layers that provide excellent protection from harsh weather conditions in Perth.

By offering all of our sign fabrication services in-house, we are then able to:

  • Offer incredibly competitive prices
  • Control all aspects of the sign fabrication process
  • Produce frames exactly according to customer specifications
  • Provide an extensive selection of powder coating options
  • Monitor every step of the fabrication, powder coating, and installation

Our in-house operations also allow us to offer much better discounts than others that rely on third-party fabricators and powder coating service providers. 

Vinyl Wrap Vehicle Printing Services

Stamping your business brand on your vehicles is a fantastic way to advertise your services. You can spread awareness, attract customer attention, and boost consumer confidence in your qualifications and expertise.

The process involves an automotive vinyl wrap that will cover the entirety of your van, car, or truck’s exterior. This will then serve as the base for printing your company or business logo as one of the most effective advertising methods available.

At CA Concepts and Signs, we are perfectly capable of providing the necessary vehicle vinyl wrap services that you need. Our team of technicians are trained and certified via Avery graphics with years of experience to offer.

It’s not just those everyday, common vehicles that we can work on either. We also work on other forms of transportation such as busses and boats. We have the necessary experience and qualifications to do so with. We would be more than happy to serve clients in this capacity.

As for why this advertising option is a huge deal, it all boils down to the following:

  • Unlimited, ultra-wide area of exposure to customers
  • Unmistakable visibility and boosting familiarity
  • Less aggressive, but still effective advertising
  • More efficient advertising with minimal asset acquisition
  • Easily changed or updated information
  • More active in reaching potential customers
  • Costs less than other marketing initiatives with higher returns
  • Signals a more personal touch and gains more favourable impressions from local clients
  • An extra layer of protection for the vehicle
  • You get complete control over the design and details
  • Minimal effort, time, and energy required for advertising

There is no denying the huge benefits that come with wrapping your vehicle with automotive vinyl. It is protective, effective, and most importantly, it’s inexpensive. A robust layer of vinyl can extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s exterior paint by another five years. 

We, at CA Concepts and Signs, understand the need for an advertising method that saves money, draws in customers, and improves brand recognition. Having a fleet of vehicles that are wrapped with automotive vinyl accomplishes that in spades. 

Frequently Asked Questions

POS signs can provide a personal touch to your business that shows your customers you care for their needs. The information they offer and the convenience of their placement can save shoppers and clients a lot of time and effort. It will also make the interaction between employees and customers much smoother. 

Signboards are intended to bring in foot traffic and to give potential customers a landmark to help them find their way. If shoppers need to visit your physical location, they need to be able to find the place with minimal effort. Asking for directions is something that many people would rather avoid. A signboard will help prevent the necessity of doing so. 

If you are already using a vehicle strictly for business purposes, then a vinyl wrap with your corporate logo plastered on it will make it look more professional. This is important for boosting consumer confidence in the quality of your products or services. 

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